Harley St. Therapy Counselling, Psychotherapy and Hypnotherapy Billericay, Essex & Harley Street, Marylebone, London

Frequently Asked Questions

Counselling or Psychotherapy ? - There are all sorts of reasons to seek out counselling or psychotherapy. Some people look to do short term work (6-8 sessions) to deal with a specific problem or situation. Other people want the opportunity for a wider and more detailed reflection on their lives and relationships. I have a lot of experience of working with many clients with a wide range of difficulties and at our initial appointment we will be able to establish which type of therapy is right for you.

Hypnotherapy - Hypnotherapy works by allowing the back seat driver (subconscious mind) and the front seat driver (conscious mind) to align
during the process of hypnosis. Through this process the subconscious becomes more attuned and open to new ideas and ways of being, a new blue print of thinking, feeling and behaving. This allows you to then automatically think, feel and behave in a way you'd prefer, whether it be phobias, fears, sleep, anxiety, stress, panic attacks, stop smoking, interpersonal skills, performance, sports performance, exams and much more. The process is simple and can be very relaxing, you're in complete control at all times and you are safe; and no I won't make you cluck like a chicken or ask you to reveal secrets. Some things can even be worked with content free, meaning I don't need to know the details.

How to start ? - Please contact me either by telephone or email. We will then have a free 15 minute phone consultation if required and then look to make an initial appointment to meet and discuss our work together.

Appointments - Appointments last 50 minutes. On-going appointments are held on a weekly basis at a date & time as agreed with you.

Fees - My fee varies based on the location you due to business overheads:- appointments in Essex are £55 and Harley Street London £155. My fees are reviewed annually on 1st January.

Cancellations and refunds - I have a 7 day cancellation policy, else the full fee is due for payment. Packages must be completed, all packages are non-refundable if you are unable to/should you choose not to complete your treatment.

Locations -1-7 Harley Street, Marylebone, London W1G 9QD and Inscape Therapy Clinic, Laylands Farm, Sudbury Road, Billericay, Essex CM11 1LA.

Both locations provide a safe, confidential space in which to engage in therapy.

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